Mother's Day is a double edge sword. Everywhere you turn mothers are being celebrated. Hallmark has this day nailed down.

There are women that don't fall neatly into the card sections. Not everyone gets to lay in bed and wait for the coffee to be delivered as Hallmark depicts. Do they make cards for those struggling with fertility? What about the mom that has lost a child? These women don't fit neatly into sections but still to be celebrated.

How can you celebrate women and moms on Mother's Day who DO NOT fit the traditional "Happy Hallmark Role?"

Aimee and Jen discuss some options from our Facebook community and friends here:

The Single Mom

Maybe dad recently passed away and the kids don't have that extra resource to celebrate Mother's Day. Reach out to the family and see what you can do to help. Ask the child what they would like to do for their mom and help facilitate it their wishes. See the video for Jen's initial thoughts and what she ended up doing.

If mom is newly single reach out as well to help her have a celebratory day.

Those who have lost their mom

Losing a parent is not easy and Mother's Day can trigger emotions from the past. Aimee suggests a porcelain heart or other momento to help remember mom.

Moms who have lost a child

The loss of a child does not get easier with time. Whether it's from death, miscarriage, or stillbirth they are all painful.

Right now you have a friend or loved one who has lost a child whether they have shared that news or not. One in four women have had a miscarriage. It's gut wrenching to think of her loss, but it's important to acknowledge her as well. A card, call or text could brighten their day. Don't let your friend be forgotten if they have suffered a loss.

Check the video for what some neighbors did for their neighbor who has had three miscarriages.

Women struggling with infertility

There is a woman you know struggling to make the family she is longing for. Again, she may not share her challenges publicly, but she still deserves acknowledgement.

Loss of a loved one

Loss of a loved mom, baby, pregnancy, father or whomever is hard, but Mother's Day often brings that missing loved one to front of mind. One of our Facebook friends suggested an amazing resource: Swell Forever The offer heirloom quality keepsakes for your friend and proceeds go to support foster and adoptive families.

Acknowledge Your Friend

The big takeaway from all of this is to reach out! Ask how you as a friend can support that person or family to make her day as special as it can be. You know your friend or loved one best. While the video offers suggestions, do what is fitting for her.



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