We want to provide resources that may be helpful in whatever stage of life you are in. We are here to support you because that's what friends do.

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante


A page turner about more than just friendship. Enter the character's world and join her in Naples during the 1950's to 1960's. The rich narrative backdrop is an additional character in the story. The writer has created a wonderful series that explores the characters and their environment.

Fit My Bras by Ali Cudby

This book will walk you through the art and science of getting the best fit for you. Bras can improve confidence or leave you fighting straps all day. Check out Ali's book to get the best fit and feel great.

A Hundered Summers by Beatriz Summers

Sometimes when life gets rough we just need an escape. We need to immerse ourselves in the lives of fictional characters in another time. Sometimes those books weave in and out of our own lives, and sometimes they just give us the break we need. This book is a great read and it will not disappoint!

Sensible Shoes by Sharon Garlough Brown

This is a story about faith journeys, but don’t be scared away thinking it is religious. It is the story of 4 women who meet at a women’s retreat, and form an unlikely friendship and bond which helps them all navigate their own life journeys. Each of the women, like all of us, has struggles and “baggage”- and the interesting ways they help one another is absolutely real life. Some of their revelations come about by helping each other, or accepting help from the others – which is what friends do, but we women tend to be strong and therefore are best at giving the help, and really bad at accepting it. The series of four books is great for book clubs or personal reflection. The chapters are easy to read, and there are discussion questions on the author’s website for book clubs.