I am a plant person. I probably have too many in my house, so for me, the idea of a plant as a gift of love is great. That being said, I do not like to give fresh flowers to those mourning. Here’s my suggestion instead: give a perennial that will bloom year after year.

So, this past month when I had five friends who lost parents I went to the garden center. I did not know many of these individuals personally, but I was still sad for my friends who were struggling with such a struggle. I was a little late with my cards and plants, but my hope is that now that a bit of time has passed this symbol can be another time for grieving and healing.

I wrote a simple note in each card which said something like this:

"I hope each year as these flowers bloom you will be reminded of the beauty and joy your (mom/dad) brought into the world."

This idea was sparked by one of the things which was done for Laura, the special woman for whom we started WhatFriendsDo.

Everyone who loses a loved one needs a little something different and there is no one magic thing that can be done to ease the pain, but I hope this idea can spark something that rings true for you when you want to do something thoughtful for a friend who is mourning a loss.