So many people seem to need a reason to do something, or a specific reason to call someone. Not me. One of the things I know about myself it that I like to be around people (although I also cherish my quiet time alone!). I enjoy being around friends, so it is not one bit unusual for me to gather a group of friends together for dinner, to play cards, or to see a movie. I also send emails to friends just to check in or to chat – for no specific reason – just “because.”

So “Just Because Day” is a favorite theme for me. Helping a friend with a project, just because … baking zucchini bread and sharing it – just because….sending a note to say hello – just because.

I find I especially contact friends who are going through a long-term illness, or are grieving, just because I know it makes a difference. Sometimes I will send an email to a total stranger who has a team on, just because their story tugs at my heart for some reason, or I am in awe of the amazing things friends on the team are doing. I’ve even made a few new friends this way – some have reached out to me, and some I’ve reached out to.

Make someone smile today – a stranger, a life partner, a co-worker, a caregiver – by doing something “just because.” Guaranteed YOU will feel great, too!