If you haven't already started (or finished) Queer Eye, this is your call to action. It's great! Probably the most heart warming show I've seen in a long time.

I want to talk about an idea Bobby Berk came up with on Season 3, Episode 6 for Elrod & Sons. Warning; this episode is a real tear jerker, so get your tissues ready. Without giving too much away, the mom, Allison, passed away when her boys were little, little guys, and she left lots of things for them to have in the future. Additionally, there were reminders of her throughout the house, and in this episode it was time for the family to move into a new home. When they move into the new house @Bobby has created a box with all of the Allison items. And he's put a special phrase inside the lid, replicating her handwriting! It's really fantastic and I hope it is something that can be replicated for other families who may need a place for memories to live, so that there are not constant surprise reminders catching loved ones off guard.

Now enough of me eluding to it, go watch it!

What other amazing ideas you have for creating a special place to hold the memories of a loved one?

photo credit; Netflix