I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It's one of our favorite days of the year so find out your friend’s favorite flavor and deliver some lickety-split. And remember, "desserts" is "stressed" spelled backward so help turn around your friend’s stress with a delicious ice cream dessert for Ice Cream Day.

  1. For friends who live nearby -- Walk and grab some ice cream from your favorite local shop, make a home delivery, or drive-through and take advantage of one of the many BOGO milkshake offers (so you can enjoy ice cream day too).

  2. For friends who live far away -- Just because your friend lives out of town doesn't mean you can't treat them today. For a sure hit, mail ice cream delivered on dry ice (fun!) or send a gift card.

  3. For friends who can’t eat dairy -- Try opting for popsicles or smoothies and steer clear of the dairy substitutes (unless you know they like them).

  4. For friends watching sugar intake -- Treats without sugar can still be sweet. Send a fun game like Ice Cream-opoly or some fun, ice cream-themed pajamas.

  5. For the entire family -- Drop off all the goodies for a super sundae bar. What a great way to cheer up the whole family!

What is your favorite way to celebrate Ice Cream Day? Share your photos with us on facebook or instagram.