In May of 2011 Cindy received her first kidney transplant. That first year was exceptionally challenging. Her body began to reject the kidney causing her to need chemotherapy treatments to kill the antibodies her body was producing against the new kidney. She subsequently had to fight nausea and multiple infections. At times spending more time in the hospital than at home. She also had to be very cautious about being around friends and family due to the risk of infection. At one possible hospital admission due to infection, this strong lady, opted to have a central line inserted so she could go home to celebrate her son’s 10th birthday with him.

The next several years showed some improvement, but she still struggled with occasional infections, low hemoglobin and repeated low kidney function of the transplant kidney.

It was decided by Cindy’s medical team that she would need another transplant. This would require her to go back on the transplant list. Cindy had never forgotten the sadness her donor family felt at the loss of their son that had given her the first kidney and she prayed for them regularly. So bittersweet.

On February 1st of this year Cindy received her second “new” kidney. This time the donor was also bittersweet. Her sister Chrissy. Both wonderful ladies are recovering. They have experienced a lot of pain and both have struggled with infections in the last couple of weeks, but this Valentine’s Day their hearts are full of love. Unfortunately, because of the risk of further infection they are unable to be together.

Cindy used WhatFriendsDo to share her story, and now her sister’s story, with her friends and family over the last 5 years. The outpouring of love and support made the struggle a little easier to bear. We want to do something spirit lifting for Cindy and her sister.

Today is not only Valentine’s Day, but also National Organ Donation Day. We ask that you consider being an organ donor. Something both Cindy and Chrissy are passionate about. What better way to give a heart to someone on Valentine’s Day! It’s extremely easy to sign up. You can do it directly here:

Please let us know, by commenting, if you are already an organ donor or are becoming an organ donor. We want to share the love with Cindy and Chrissy.