One of our favorite and most popular ideas we share each October is Reverse Trick-or-Treating. It works pretty much just like it sounds. Instead of dressing up for Halloween and collecting treats, you dress up (well that part is the same) and deliver treats to someone in need.

This could be a friend who is sick and can't get out to take the kids trick or treating this year. With reverse trick-or-treating you deliver the treats to them instead. It could also be an elderly neighbor who isn't able to give out candy anymore but would still love to have a visitor and would certainly enjoy a treat. Or, it might be a child in the hospital who would otherwise miss trick-or-treating.

This year try organizing a group of supporters to participate. Ask friends to dress up and plan to deliver treats during a set timeframe. Of course, you'll want to get the OK first just to be sure your friend is up for it.

We've made it super easy for you to visit our Amazon Reverse Trick-or-Treating Store and order the necessary items to pull off the planning of this fun event from the comfort of home.

Here are some Must Have Items to Make Your Reverse Trick-or-Treating a Success

1. Glow Sticks - the kids love these and what a way to light the path on the way to your friend's house or hospital roomalt

2. Sweet Treats - what would trick-or-treating be without the treats? Remember to bring enough for the whole family to enjoy.

3. Non-sweet Treats - Keep in mind that sweets may not always be on the diet of someone going through treatment and often there may be allergies or other restrictions so be sure to bring along fun Halloween themed toys, costume accessories or games.

The most important ingredient of making Reverse Trick-or-Treating a success is team spirit and if you're already on a WhatFriendsDo team, we know you have plenty of that. If not, visit to learn more.

If you plan an event please send us photos to share or tag #whatfriendsdo #reversetrickortreat

Finally, if you need any help planning, let us know, we're always glad to help!