As a previous college student, the importance and meaningfulness of handwritten notes in a professional setting has been drilled into my mind over and over again. However, as I’ve since graduated and experienced many life changes, the importance of handwritten genuine notes has become some of the most important parts of my personal friendships as well. Not only does it make a huge difference in my own state of mind when I receive one, it also feels so good when I make someone else feel good by writing one.

I used to write them not only when something big was happening in someone’s life, but also when they simply crossed my mind. These hand-written notes can mean so much to a person going through a hard time, but they can also mean more than you think to a person you’re just thinking about. I like to keep fun stationery and cards around my office at all times so it is easy to pull out a pen and nice paper to start writing as I think of my friend.

If your friend is going through a hard time or you are simply thinking of how much him/her means to you, consider writing a note and either sending it to his/her house, work or dropping it off in-person. The happiness received from reading that note could turn his/her day, week, or month around and will be sure to make you feel better as well.

Check out this fun stationery and my favorite Sharpie pens (because who doesn’t love a nice pen) and be sure to share your stories about how a handwritten note has impacted your life or the life of a friend. So take 5 minutes and get writing’s what friends do!