An organized and tidy living space has been proven to help improve the mood and overall well-being of a person. But during times of stress or hardship, being clean and tidy is often the last thing on a person's mind or priority list. There are many other tasks that take precedence over organization; feeding and caring for children, driving to and from the hospital, picking up supplies and medication, sleep. This gives us the perfect excuse to help a friend get organized and tidy.

When my friend was working two jobs and taking care of her three children and numerous animals on her own, I knew how stressed she was so I made a point to clean the house everyday during the time that I was staying with her. The relief she felt when she would walk in the door and the floor had been vacuumed or the dishes washed was so worth the short amount of time it took to complete those tasks. I would also make a point to help with laundry as that is another aspect of keeping a tidy home that can become overwhelming.

Another way to help your friend or family member feel more organized and tidy is to help sort and get rid of clothes and items in his/her room. By purging unnecessary items, you may help your friend get rid of things that hold sadness or unwanted memories.This could also provide a great opportunity for you to spend some quality time together laughing about past memories, and how certain items played a part in those. You could even offer to buy them a new comforter or bedspread to make the room bright and new again. Closet organizers, dressers, bedding and picture frames are all great ways to help your friend find happiness in a clean organized room.

For more tips on how to help your friend get organized, head to our Tips and Ideas page! Let us know how tidying up has effected your life or the life of a friend.