The task of grocery shopping can be stressful for everyone. When I try to remember all of our grocery needs and navigate my way through a busy grocery store, it gives me quite a bit of anxiety. Something that you might not think of doing for your friend in need is offering to pay for groceries to be delivered to their house. When my family was going through an incredibly tough time, we had groceries anonymously delivered and unloaded for us, which made all of our lives that much easier. The amount of relief my mom felt from having a kitchen stocked with groceries for our family made a big difference and let her focus on our family instead of every day tasks that can be overwhelming. With Mother's Day just around the corner, treating your friend in need to a fridge and pantry full of groceries could mean more to her than you know.

Peapod is a great online grocery website where you are able to order items to be delivered straight to a given address. Having fresh produce and the essentials to make a nice home-cooked meal could really brighten your friend’s day. Whether sent anonymously or with your name, including a recipe or cookbook may be a great idea as well.

If you know of a friend who would appreciate her groceries being delivered, ask her about what her family might want and then head to to order their groceries. Be sure to leave a note and tip for the deliverer to take the groceries inside and unload them for your friend, saving them even more time and effort's what friends do!