When we were coordinating support for our friend Laura, one of the most amazing things was that there were people involved in our cheer and support from all aspects of Laura’s life: her family, her grade school, high school and college friends, her church friends, her family’s friends, her neighbors ---- and the friends of all the friends.

You probably do not personally know everyone in your friend’s life. But you can reach some key people and enlist their help in spreading the word about your team. Share the team with one person from each aspect of your friend’s life and ask that person to invite everyone in that circle of your friend's life. Here are some ideas to help you figure out whom to contact:

One relative

One church friend

One neighbor

One co-worker

One family friend

One school friend

One friend from social organizations (music/sports/etc)

For the most part, people appreciate being asked to help with things. By including people to ‘grow’ your team, you are easing your own tasks and letting others know that it IS a team! The concept of 'strength in numbers' certainly comes in to play when a friend is going through a major challenge – so gather your team members!