It’s a tough dilemma for some people and for others there is not even a need to think it through. A life changing event happens. Do you really want to keep an “online journal” about it? Such a personal decision!

With the great article in the LA Times on this topic, we thought we’d chime in with some thoughts.

For some, the answer is clear; they are so very private and think that their situation is nobody else’s business. Other people know that their friends and far-away family care about what is going on, and blogging sure beats 38 phone calls each time there is a new development. Plus, the old childhood game of “telephone” comes to mind: the story could get modified a little bit by each person who tells the story. Blogging puts one story in one place for all to see.

For people unsure of whether or not to blog about their life-changing situation, here are some things to think about:

  • There are no rights or wrongs: tell as little or as much as you want to tell. You can give as many or as few details as you choose.
  • The blog is the perfect place to say “for the moment, I need my privacy and am so grateful that all of you will respect that.”
  • The blog is the perfect place to say “things are really hard for me and my family right now and we can’t imagine how we’d be getting through this time without all of you. Thank you!”
  • Blogging can cut down or even eliminate on misinformation.
  • Blogging allows those people who are not in your inner circle to still be connected to you without feeling intrusive. After all, you’ve shared on the blog what you’ve wanted to share.
  • Blogging gives you a running journal. It is a place to go back to see just which day it was that you were experiencing something in particular.

Making the decision to put a blog together can be rewarding and make you feel like you are still connected to your support system. WhatFriendsDo is here to help you take those first steps towards getting a blog up and going for friends and family.