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In the new year Aimee and I were talking about writing Thank You cards to people. She was working to send out cards for gifts and thoughtful things over the holiday season. I had set a challenge for myself to send thank yous to a couple of friends. Just because, no reason.

This article How to Maintain Friendships brought up the discussion in the office. Aimee and I challenged each other to thank those special people that impacted us over the last year.

Now we are encouraging you to spend a couple of minutes thanking someone. Here are some easy ways to reach out.

*Phone call
*Postable You pick the card, include your handwritten sentiment, and they put in the mail for you. It's affordable too.
*Old fashioned card in the mail

How great is it to receive a card in the mail to brighten your day?

Join our challenge and #thankafriend. Leave your comments below or on our Facebook post about your thoughts.