Of the many memories my friends and I have made at DePauw, some of our most cherished memories are driving on the backroads of Greencastle, IN chasing sunsets. There is something about a sunset that brings life into perspective so well and helps us appreciate how blessed we are. We've scoped out the best spots on campus and in town that showcase these natural spectacles and allow us to take in the beauty every chance we get.

While each of us has gone through our own struggles and hardships during our time here, sunsets seem to always relieve the sadness and/or stress for a few fleeting moments. We drop everything, pile in a car, turn up the music, and go. Each sunset brings its own unique colors and shapes to the sky and provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the bigger picture, forgetting the difficult things, big or small.

My little brother and I went on a walk the other evening down the long country road by our house and about half way through he looked up at me and said, "Anna, look through the trees there...how can you be sad when that beauty exists in the world?" He was pointing at the sun setting through the tall trees in the distance. I looked at him and teared up and said, "Buddy you are so right and so wise, thank you." That sunset brought us together in such a powerful and significant way.

If you have a friend that is going through loss, grief, or hardship, take him/her out for a drive. Park somewhere with a clear view of the sunset and just sit and watch. Whether its just the two of you or if their children or family come along too, it will surely help all of them feel better for a few minutes. A fun thing to do as the nights are still chilly is turn up the heat in the car, open the sunroof (if you have one), and sit on top of the car with a blanket over the two of you, creating a little cocoon of warmth. As the weather continues to warm up, think about bringing blankets and snacks to have a picnic outside while watching. Its also a great idea to bring a camera to take pictures and remember the special time you had together. So get out this summer and help your friend enjoy the serenity of a sunset, get ready for some magic.