Date nights are a great way to have fun and get away from the house during a busy or difficult time in our lives. Because Monday is “Plan A Date Day”, we thought we would share some thoughts and ideas about great date night options. Sometimes date nights are the only time for a couple to have away from their children and it provides a time to decompress and not worry about other things going on in their lives. Whether it’s a nice dinner and a movie or a fun concert, there are so many options for couples to choose from for their night together.

A double date may also be a fun option if your friend enjoys going out with others to have fun. Pick a place that you know you all would enjoy and let them know you’d love to have a night to enjoy time together. This could be a great way to take your friend’s mind off of their difficult time while also catching up as friends.

If you want to help your friend and his/her spouse get inspired to take a night for themselves, you could purchase a gift card to their favorite restaurant or get them tickets to movie they’ve talked about wanting to see. Alternatively, chat with your friend about a night that would be free to do something together to catch up.

If you have a WhatFriendsDo team, you can schedule a date night on your calendar to let friends know about which nights you are available. This would give friends the opportunity to help you have a night off!

Let us know of any fun spots in your area that you recommend for date nights and be sure to visit to read about more ideas and gift options for that special date night.