send a note of encouragement

2020 may have started out with a bang for many, or may be a slow go for others. You may have watched your friend or loved one fall into a difficult time and it may come as no surprise to you that they are ready to put 2019 behind them and ring in 2020 with a new perspective on life and how they can look towards more positivity in the new year.

Below are some ways you can help your loved one start the new year looking forward to what 2020 has to offer.

Send a Note of Encouragement
Everyone likes receiving kind messages and that is no exception when you are going through a difficult life change. Take some time to send a note of encouragement that lets your loved one know you are here to support them during this next year, and they always have a friend they can call on.

Set a Date to Get Together
Life gets busy! We all know it and we often make excuses because of it. That is why it is good to put a date on the calendar with your friend or family member so that the two of you can spend some quality time together simply hanging out or grabbing a bite to eat, then a movie or ice cream. Giving your loved one something to look forward to on their calendar, that does not involve everyday appointments and doctor visits is a sure way to lift their spirits as we move into a new year!

Create a "Free Pass" Coupon book
Did you ever make one of those little coupon books for your parents when you were younger? You know, the ones where you created different chores in a booklet, and when they wanted it done they had to turn in their coupon?
This would be a fun way to get creative and gift your loved one with something useful. Come up with a list of "chores" that would be beneficial for them to not have to worry about, and add them to a coupon book for them to use as a Free Pass to checking another item off their "to-do" list. Think outside the box and come up with some items they might not be comfortable asking others to do. (ex. cleaning the house, taking care of laundry, mopping floors, organizing closets, free babysitting)

Purchase a WhatFriendsDo Gift Box
When we were looking for different ideas of useful gifts to purchase for our loved ones who were going through difficult times, we came up with a list of necessities and searched to find the perfect match for each one. We wanted to take the work out of gifting for you by providing a gift box that has everything pre-picked so that you can simply make the purchase, add a love note, and send it on it's way. It would be the perfect addition to their new year routine as they will be set with a water canteen to carry along to appointments or activities, and depending on which set you choose, they can have a journal and pen to document important dates or feelings, and a special treat. Or they can have a relaxing face mask along with a beautiful bracelet to remind them you are praying for them.

Regardless of what you choose to do for your special person, giving them the reassurance that 2020 is sure to bring better days and that you are there for support, no matter what, may just be the positivity they have been looking for.